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As M.D., I trained for general medicine, worked in occupational health, and have majored in clinical psychiatry. When I worked in the field of occupational health, I encountered Japanese workers’ mental health problems in foreign branches. And during my work at a psychiatric hospital, I have treated a few foreigners who developed psychoses due to stress of living in Japan. Nowadays many Japanese take medical care suffering from sleep disorder, depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and so on. It is understandable to experience more stress and anxiety living in a foreign country where great efforts for adjustment are required. Therefore I hope our clinic to be opened also to non-Japanese who may be going through these difficulties. But verbal correct communication is very important in psychiatric treatment apart from physical treatment. If you are concerned about Japanese skill, a staff helps during the afternoon & evening business hours (MON, TUE, THU), who has worked as therapist in US. Please make an appointment and make sure to bring medical insurance card valid in Japan. Without the card, you’ll be asked to pay full amount of fee.